Solar Installation Services

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Solar Installation

HPS has launched a franchise network of stationary power and solar solution installers. The installers benefit from centralized customer service support, combined buying power, and a national brand and marketing strategy.

This allows HPS to increase our per customer revenue while offering a seamless service and product experience to our customers.

  • Increased customer revenues
  • Seamless product experiences
  • Consistent & managed product offerings
  • Introduce recurring revenue services (warranties, maintenance packages and paid remote monitoring)

Current Market

The current solar installation market is filled with micro companies (1-3 people) with limited buying power, offering varying degrees of quality and service. There is no standardization and little opportunity for economies of scale.

How We Win

Cut out the middlemen

Flexible and predictable revenue

How We Win

Cut out the middlemen

Flexible and predictable revenue


Quicker install time compared to other solar products


Increase on margin vs. purchasing non-HPS products


Double the amount of training offered by similar franchisees


Free quality check on up to first 3 installs

Our Network

On average, the company expects new HPS solar installers to book 15 installs their first year, with potential for growth in subsequent years . We plan to focus on expanding and growing the Canadian market and launching into the US in 2023.


Franchises in Canada by the end of 2023


Franchises in USA by the end of 2023


Franchisees in Canada & the US by end of 2025

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